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ideahub is focused on fusing technologies and creating real-world ready solutions for clients operating across verticals. Our commitment towards innovation has resulted in the development and delivery of many breakthroughs with demonstrable business cases and applications.

Based in Sri Lanka, ideahub was founded in 2009 with a small team of likeminded innovators and since then has grown into a fully-fledged technology hub servicing some of the biggest names in the country and the region.

Steadily growing and consistently innovating, the ideahub team is always engaged and has a “can do” attitude about them. With its plans for a number of new products in the pipeline, ideahub is gearing up for the future with an innovative mindset at the ready.


DoPods is a location-based pinpointer platform able to manage multiple pods tagged to your loved ones, personal belongings and assets. The solution offers users the ability to locate the whereabouts of synced pods in real time through GPS and Bluetooth technologies.

The platform is supported by a number of emerging technologies and fills in for a critical use case as a solution for keeping your loved ones safer.

Symphony is a full-scale Payment Ecosystem with the capacity to enable a full scope of payments and transactions in real-time latency with uncompromising security and convenience.

The highly dynamic platform solution integrates stakeholder groups through intuitive real-world use cases, facilitating a transaction environment supported by future-ready technologies including mobile, IoT and NFC.

TrailX is a comprehensive asset management platform with the enablement of identifying and tracking assets in states of rest and movement. These capabilities allow the TrailX ecosystem to effectively manage a wide spectrum of asset types including raw materials, finished goods, fleets and even employees.

Characterized by its integration across a multitude of NFC-enabled devices capable of GPS based geo-detection in real-time across moving coordinates, the platform is applicable across a number of business cases.

A complete inventory and order management system, Menutab provides businesses the opportunity to leverage digital and mobile technologies to facilitate end to end procurement and payment processing functions.

Nirogee is a comprehensive, feature-rich health and well-being based digital platform. Natively able to support a number of emerging use cases in the healthcare sector such as the digitization of medical records, digital archiving and communication via OCR technology, alert systems, self management and device-centred self assessments, the platform marks a breakthrough in the technological alignment of healthcare and related industries.

A fully scalable, highly dynamic platform capable of integrating across disparate systems and emerging technologies, Nirogee is a landmark of healthcare technology.



Genie is a digital wallet solution with multiple payment options, integrating international payment gateways such as VISA, Master and American Express with Sri Lankan current and savings bank accounts. Genie is a secure payment solution with PCI DSS compliance enabling the convenience of mobile payments quickly and efficiently.

Avigilon Video Analytics

Avigilon Video Analytics is a platform built to monitor and learn activities recorded via CCTV cameras and provide useful information to it's subscribers. It can identify movements of vehicles and people and identify the incident and inform the subscriber of such activity.


Menutab is an order management solution developed for MAS Holdings, the leading apparel manufacturer. Menutab facilitates internal order management between SBUs, merchant settlements, inventory management and payment processing.


Boost is a digital wallet with a base of over 100,000 users. The solution allows users to maintain an online balance and make a range of payments both online and over the counter.


Nirogee health platform is enabled with a Healthvault and a GP channelling capabilities to be the premier health ecosystem in Sri Lanka.


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Chaminda Ranasinghe
Chief Executive Officer / Founder
Director / Investor
Chandima Liyanage
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Max Gunasekera
Chief Financial Officer
Nalin Manchanayaka
Chief Delivery Officer
Milinda Dassanayake
Head of Product Innovation
Dhanuka De Silva
Chief Experience Officer
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